Oct 11, 2013

CEREBRART - Cortex above Epidermis


  1. but that's just nonsense cause this is the plant epidermis - numerous stoma complexes are visible. Why dont u put animal brain cells above animal epidermis?

  2. ... it is something that make one disoriented

  3. Trees creek meadow
    The neurons are over
    The creek
    Some channels are yellow
    So nucleuses
    Where are camels
    In this braininess?

    1. But there’s so much more!

    2. Thank you for an unexpected surge of interest and commenting! Leaves are the main photosynthetic (food-producing) structures of plants and their epidermis regulates that important ratio of photosynthesis to transpiration which could have served as the primary driver for plant evolution, thus contributing to the invasion of dryer terrestrial environments. Those terrestrial ecosystems would provide our early ancestors with the ecological niches in which the neocortex during primate evolution has undergone expansion, addition of areas, and the elaboration of multiple neuronal subtypes, especially, Betz cells of primary motor cortex.

      This CEREBRART image demonstrates the tight connection between Betz cells and plant epidermis (shown quite realistically), and between ecology and tissue evolution that defines my truly main interest - the emerging field of ecological histology.

    3. L'homme n'est qu'un roseau, le plus faible de la nature; mais c'est un roseau pensant.