Oct 22, 2013

CEREBRART - Brain Plasticity

What is really "Brain Plasticity"? Does it mean that the Brain is made of organic plastics? Of course,  not. Brain Plasticity is a concept that refers to the Brain's ability to change in time and sometimes chaotically ...


  1. hammer and sickle?

    1. Well, there are multiple symbolic associations and multiple symbolic interpretations of the CEREBRART because I use multiple symbolic systems and multiple symbolic codes (including, of course, color codes). Therefore, to comprehend CEREBRART images you have to integrate across multiple symbolic layers with the assumption that these multiple symbolic layers can be categorized semantically in respect of the title of a given CEREBRART image as a core with multiple symbolic meanings. The real meaning of the given CEREBRART image should be revealed in the process of transiting the contradictions and reducing ambiguity.

      As for social layer (e.g. hammer and sickle as a symbolic presentation of peasants, workers and the creation of a new technical and cultural intelligentsia) – it is really nothing but a very superficial symbolic layer.