Jun 7, 2013

CEREBRART - Fungy Brain

 “The rhythm of life on Earth includes several strong themes contributed by Kingdom Fungi. So why are fungi ignored when theorists ponder the origin of life? I am very sorry to say that I strongly suspect it is simply a display of ignorance.“ (David Moore) And why are fungi ignored when theorists ponder the evolution of the brain? The human brain is essentially fungy because it is funny and also reveals the importance of Kingdom Fungi in human brain evolution. Perhaps that is why humans love, and pre-humans needed to eat some fungi so much. According to my point of view,  the origin and detailed structure of the mammalian brain depends on the dominance of fungi in the Earth’s biosphere. Various fungi with hallucinogenic properties are the oldest drugs to be used for its effects on the human brain. These drugs have long been an important part of religious ritual in many societies where their potential for chaos generation is also recognised. And human agriculture is also dependent on fungi. “That’s why I suggest it’s fair to say that fungi co-operate with humans … they waited nearly 1.5 billion years to give human evolution a shove in the right direction. Thank fungus for that!“ (David Moore) This CEREBRART work illustrates these ideas.

Jun 5, 2013

CEREBRART - Between the Sky and the See

Somewhere between the Sky and the See there are three cone pigments in the human retina which absorb Light maximally in the red, green and blue regions of the Sun’s spectrum and provide colourful information flows about the World for the Brain. And there are dark lines within the Sun’s spectrum and there are rods in the human retina which mediate human vision in the darkness. And the Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.