Sep 14, 2012

CEREBRART - The Birth of Intentions

Motor actions are present before birth, we do not begin with ‘white paper’ at birth. Nevertheless, motor actions before birth are unintentional.  Intentions evolve in interaction with the evolving perceptual and cognitive systems during the early years of life. In other words, intentions are the product of the ways in which the child moves through the external world and interacts with external objects. Our life path is paved with our noble intentions. And our intentions, and therefore our actions are the product of deterministic processes, including processes of motivation.

Contemporary technological breakthroughs offer a unique opportunity to better understand how intentions emerge within the human brain. This CEREBRART work “The Birth of Intentions” illustrates that idea artistically.


  1. Color is playing a number of roles here. A visual allusion to something related - a former version of your “intention” with “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin…

  2. Thanks for the interesting article.Fascinating subject.