Sep 18, 2012

CEREBRART - Planet Brain

Vladimir Vernadsky’s concept of nöosphere or the “sphere of wisdom” (НООСФЕРА - ЦАРСТВО РАЗУМА) is grounded in his research into the physical sciences and stages in the development of the planet: “. . . the whole of mankind put together represents an insignificant mass of the planet’s matter. Its strength is derived not from its matter, but from its brain. If man understands this, and does not use his brain and his work for self-destruction, an immense future is open before him in the geological history of the biosphere” (Vernadsky, 1945).

This CEREBRART work “Planet Brain” illustrates that idea as well as H.G. Wells's concept of "World Brain" artistically.


  1. Création de Le Cerveau planétaire - Joël de Rosnay

  2. The Brain is wider than the Sky
    For put them side by side
    The one the other will contain
    With ease and You beside

  3. НООСФЕРА what is that?