Aug 23, 2012

CEREBRART - Information Circuits

CEREBRART - Information Circuits of the dentate gyrus. Dentate gyrus contains densely packed granule cells.

Granule cells extend their dendrites to receive sensory information from the perforant path axons.


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  2. It's not clear what the author might have had in mind here. Information circuits of the dentate gyrus ... The dentate gyrus consists of three layers of cerebral cells: molecular, granular, and polymorphic. The middle layer shown here is most prominent and contains granule cells and production of those granule cells increases in response to aerobic exercise. I guess that aerobic exercise is what the author exactly had in mind when he painted the CEREBRART story ...

  3. DIFFERENT FORMS of plasticity at inputs to interneurons and principal cells may act to regulate granule cell dendritic integration and processing. Recent studies suggest a role of TRIP8b isoforms in regulating trafficking decisions of HCN channels in perforant path. Why it is so important? Differential expression of these isoforms could thus constitute a NEW FORM of plasticity which could be important for processes of learning and memory.