Aug 18, 2012


CEREBRART action. Cortical motor homunculus in Brodmann area 4 (primary motor cortex of the human brain located in the posterior portion of the frontal lobe - precentral gyrus) has very large hands with an especially large thumb.

Motor homunculus paints left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC - Brodmann area 46) necessary for manipulating information in working memory. The environmental support is very important.


  1. Homunculus

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  2. Well, the Motor homunculus is an artistic representation of the concept of "the body within the brain". And what about that Motor homunculus's brain? Also Brodmann area 46 or somwhere else? Your "CEREBRART action" doesn't answer that important question.

  3. And what about that Motor homunculus's brain? Sure, there is no need to have any brain. Motor homunculus has an excellent natural athletic ability so no need to have any brain power at all. Gimme action, action, action not words.

  4. scientific conclusion? homunculus's brain? a simple explanation of complex chaotic brain functions? the truth behind this and other unscientific brain myths?