Mar 9, 2013


This CEREBRART work is a mondrianesque transformation of my original painting of the retina approximately symbolising  the cellular transformation that accompany the transmission
of light signals.  I have retained the basic organization of the original painting.

As you probably know, +Piet Mondrian was a sophisticated intellectual and Mondrian’s artistic genius focussed on his search for an underlying structure of nature lay in his unique arrangement of the pattern elements, one that causes a profound aesthetic order to emerge triumphantly from stark simplicity.

This CEREBRART work consists of just three basic colors (approximately symbolising three kinds of retina cone photoreceptors cells), a few black lines (as an artistic scaffold approximately symbolising the glial scaffold of retina) and an otherwise uneventful background of plain white (approximately symbolising the white light to be transformed by the retina). Only one amacrine cell is still left to be presented rather realistically. Amacrine cells provide a mechanism for lateral signal communication between retinal cells, including providing a feedback loop to bipolar cells. They are assumed to play an important role in object segregation including perception of +Mondrian’s paintings.


  1. Didn't Mondrian hate green? Didn't he hate it really?

  2. Spectacular brain cell!