Dec 6, 2012

CEREBRART - In Memoriam: David Warren Brubeck

We live in an artificial overly-geometrically-correct tetragonal culture. Tetragonal shapes having four angles or sides are all around us including my CEREBRART artworks. But our brain is a pentagonal universe - from the anatomical Circulus Willisii (pentagonal vascular circle at the base of the brain) to the neuronal acetylcholine receptor having a pentagonal molecular structure.

Brubeck’s "Take Five" helped me to understand this pentagonal brain universe. David Warren Brubeck died on Dec. 05, 2012, morning. I heard his "Take Five" for the first time when I was about 15 years old and even with my then very limited capacity to understand jazz music, I was greatly impressed by that piece. "Take Five" (that became the Brubeck quartet's theme) was a musical milestone deviated from the standard 4/4 time (or 3/4 waltz time) of Western music using the unusual quintuple (5/4) time. This CEREBRART work illustrates Brubeck’s pentagonal universe.



  1. cool jazz in the hot style

  2. ...That's why
    think five.

  3. Well, Anonymous and Hmyrj, "Take Five" has been lived in my brain for decades. And I believe that flexible and lovely brain-friendly 5/4 time - which almost no contemporary popular music even tries to explore - could be immensely helpful do destroy nasty boring standard-trivial 4/4 rhythms creating a dirty chaotic brains.